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Core Features of Fundraiser

Admin features

  • Advanced admin area

    Advanced admin area

    Admin panel is designed with an extensive features and functionalities which enable you to easily manage your website with User Friendly Content management system.

  • Payment gateway

    Payment gateway

    Fundraiser platform provides PayPal Adaptive Payments method of PayPal to ensure that projects can be created, funded, commissions charged and money transferred to the project owner.

  • Commission management

    Commission management

    Admin has full freedom to decide commission price range by adding what commission percentage to be taken.

  • Staff Management

    Staff Management

    In Fundraiser platform admin has the authority to give different rights (i.e. access privileges) to the staff (sub admin).

  • User Management

    User Management

    This module shows the list of users associated with Fundraiser as a project creator or Fundraiser

  • Responsive, HTML5 & CSS3

    Free Installation

    Our professionals can easily setup user friendly professional social networking portal free of cost to you so it saves your time and money.


Project creator features

  • Unlimited Projects

    Unlimited Projects

    Fundraiser (Kickstarter Clone) allows projects creators to add unlimited projects for raising funds.

  • Campaign Updates

    Campaign Updates

    Project creator is able to announce campaign updates with easy to use option.

  • Review and post comments

    Review and post comments

    User can review for projects wih comments so the project creator so the backer can arbiter the fundraisers projects point of view.

  • Rewards for funding projects

    Rewards for funding projects

    In Fundraiser backer is provided with the facility to get the rewards in addition to what he/she is pledging for a given project

  • Set Goal or Target

    Set Goal or Target

    Project creator can set a goal for the projects that are posted. This goal is shown in projects creator dashboard needed to be achieved or target to meet.

  • Finance statistics

    Finance statistics

    It shows two statistics, one is total amount funded in which it shows total funded amount by backers for the other projects.


General User features

  • Smart in-built search module

    Smart in-built search module

    User can search among lots of projects on basis of various keys such as classification, most funded, recently launched, etc. which makes the search easier.

  • Social media integration

    Social media integration

    This feature allows user to login in your crowdfunding website by signing up with social media credentials and fetches all the user information.

  • Starred projects

    Starred projects

    In Fundraiser this unique feature is provided to user (backer or project creator) in which user can make starred projects of their favorite projects

  • Report Abuse, Spam

    Report Abuse, Spam

    If user finds misleading or inappropriate data about the posted projects, then user can report to admin for the same of particular project.

  • Newsletter Subscription<

    Newsletter Subscription

    This feature of Fundraiser is provided in the user sign-up form in which users can subscribe for the weekly newsletters.

  • Help tool-tip

    Help tool-tip

    User have access a user-friendly help tool in which backers or project creator can use FAQ for any help regarding any issue of website.




Fundraiser features


Why you need customization

online-customizationFundraiser is already comes with all extensive features required to launch a powerful crowdfunding website, Even if NCrypted provides you wounder scope of customization which beneficial as mentioned below :

  • • It enables you to boost sales.
  • • Your crowdfunding website can easily acquire trust and user engagement.
  • • Easy to capture market in tough competition also.
  • • Customer can easily get product differentiation.
  • • Audience can be targeted specifically.Business growth can be seen rapidly.



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